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ERGOTEC 2010 De-Mining Apron

Jacket with short sleeves
Jacket with long sleeves and hald legs

The ERGOTEC 2010 apron and leg protection provides high level safety for de-mining operations. Designed for extended wear and comfort, the ERGOTEC de-mining apron combines high protection with the flexibility and ergonomic performance required for enduring wear.

The apron protects the user’s upper body and knees, the apron’s backless design allows for unrestricted air-flow during operations. The apron is adjustable in two positions to enhance comfort; short removable arms are provided as standard, whilst optional ‘long arms’ offer protection to the full arm.

Leg protection is provided through optional ‘front legs’. Protecting the front of the user’s legs, the front legs also integrate cushioning kneepads to provide further comfort and support.
Technical Specifications
Ballistic Protection V50>450 m/s tested to STANAG 2920

Sizes Small, medium and large

Standard Colours Dark blue or Black, other colours are available on request

Extras Optional helmet and visor provides face protection from 250 to 400ms depending on requirement

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