Mitsubishi Electric

Factory-wide visualization streamlines utility management in the "new norm"

Mitsubishi Electric’s Nagoya Works, one of the company’s main factories developing and manufacturing industrial automation products and systems, introduced a SCADA system to visualize and monitor utility data throughout the entire factory.



The Nordex Group has over 35 years of experience in the onshore wind turbine ­business, and it sets a benchmark for renewable energies. Since its foundation, the global technology company has installed wind turbines having more than 41 gigawatts of rated power. In 2019, Nordex decided to interact with another global player, EMKA. The turbines feature a unique compression latch from the world market leader based in Velbert, Germany.

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Zixtel Ltd Evolves with Bunting’s Eddy Current Separator

The Zixtel evolution began in the midst of the global pandemic in 2020, when the company changed their focus to recycling and purchased the Bunting Metal Separation Module. Zixtel Ltd have since developed a reputation for metals recovery from a wide range of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and waste discarded by other recycling companies.

Bunting europe News

Parry & Evans Recover Metal with Bunting Magnetic Separators

Recycling specialist Parry & Evans has installed Bunting magnetic separators to recover metal from pre-sorted domestic waste. At their Deeside plant in the United Kingdom, the company uses a Permanent Overband Magnet to recover ferrous metals such as steel food cans, and an Eddy Current Separator to reclaim valuable aluminium including drinks cans.

Mitsubishi Electric

Digital Manufacturing Enables Choice of 40,000 Models in a Five-day Delivery Window

Mitsubishi Electric's Nagoya Works Shinshiro Factory, located in Shinshiro, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, has manufactured three-phase motors since its establishment in 1974. At this factory, they significantly overhauled the manufacture of a key product range, the SF-PR series. By utilizing e-F@ctory based Digital Manufacturing processes and concepts it is now possible for customers in Japan to choose from 40,000 models available in a five-day delivery window, or for those prepared to wait 15 days, the choice expands to 2.3 billion different product variations covering the majority of customer’s needs and applications. Made entirely in Japan, from material procurement to parts processing and assembly, the number of product variations and the short delivery window demonstrates the factory’s capabilities for flexible, high-quality production with shortened lead times and improved productivity.


A 40 tonne overhead crane with a span of 34 meters for handling single moulds

Heripret, partner of Verlinde and member of the after-sales and Europont networks, designed, produced and installed a 40-tonne overhead crane with a 25-tonne auxiliary for handling 35-tonne moulds at a metallurgy works. The lifting and handling parts of such weight requires lifting equipment with absolute reliability and a very high degree of positioning precision.

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