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Ironhand superpower under control

Musculoskeletal disorders are a common occupational disease in the EU and North America and are one of the most common causes for long- term absence from work. Work-related upper-limb disorders annually cost 2.1 billion eurosacross the EU and are responsible for 45% of all occupational diseases. Wearables, clothing enhanced through technology, offer an approach for reducing these injuries. Ironhand® from the Swedish company BIOSERVO TECHNOLOGIES is a soft robotic glove that strengthens the human grip with help of the company’s patented SEM technology. The gripping force support of the individual fingers is made possible with FAULHABER drives.


Without micromotors global logistics would be lost

Always more, always faster, always further everything needs to arrive at the right time at the right place – the global goods cycle keeps the economy running and is a challenge for everyone involved. This only functions through the use of extensive automation within the logistics chain, which would be unthinkable without an armada of high-performance micromotors. These motors often need to generate considerable forces under extremely confined conditions and, above all, must always work reliably in continuous operation. This is why drives from FAULHABER can frequently be found in these challenging applications.

Sandvik News

48 hours to digitalise ~ How one production plant went remote in just two days

The year 2020 has transformed the way many of us work. While makeshift desks and digital collaboration have been commonplace for many office workers, surely manufacturing employees couldn’t set-up a shop floor from the comfort of their own kitchens — or could they? Digitalising a production facility typically takes years of development, but one Sandvik tube site brought remote manufacturing to its stay-at-home workers in just two days. Here, Thomas Froböse, product unit manager at global engineering group Sandvik, explains how.


Speed and precision or Compact to power pack? Drive solutions for laboratory automation

Countless samples are tested daily in analytical laboratories. The benefits of automation in this area is obvious: They make it possible to achieve faster results, higher throughput, fewer errors and lower personnel costs. In order to ensure smooth operation, high dynamics and precision are extremely important for the drive systems. We spoke to Dr. Aihua Hong about the requirements and developments in this market segment, for which she is responsible at FAULHABER.

Seco Tools

Overcoming Process Uncertainty to Reduce Scrap and Rework

Product quality is a key performance indicator for manufacturing businesses. Many workshops believe that achieving quality-standard certifications such as ISO, NADCAP and API affirms the quality of their work. In reality, the standards do not fully focus on how to make acceptable finished workpieces, but rather concentrate on establishing procedures for rejecting bad parts

Softing Industrial Automation GmbH

A collaborative approach to expanding oilfield automation

A major oilfield in the Middle East, already productive for several years, recently underwent a further, significant expansion. In a departure from strategies for existing wells, the operating company decided to bring another provider on board rather than simply procure the automation components according to a ‘one-stop-shop’ principle. Key criteria in this process included the interoperability of the existing systems with the new provider’s solution and effective remote management. Integration of controllers (RTUs) from Schneider Electric (SE) with the FF gateway from SE Technology Partner Softing resulted in a secure and reliable solution.


20 Years of In-Vehicle Networking

Joseph Notaro, VP Worldwide Automotive Strategy and Business Development, ON Semiconductor.

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