Compact, economic and quick to install, SICK’s CQF16 capacitive level sensor has been developed to provide a universal, non-contact solution wherever the fill level of water-based liquids must be detected in non-metallic vessels, tanks or pipes.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence News

Hexagon releases QUINDOS 2020.2

Latest version of measurement software introduces streamlined digital gear data exchange and compact ISO 5459 integration.


The ultimate in analysis for every quarter

Field tests demonstrate precision and reliability of GEA DairyMilk M6850 Cell Count Sensor.


SICK and Microsoft have a vision of the future - Both technology companies combine their strengths in 3DToF technology

SICK AG (SICK) is working with Microsoft Corp. (Microsoft) to enable the development of commercial industrial 3D cameras and related solutions, which will be compatible with a Microsoft ecosystem built on top of Microsoft depth, Intelligent Cloud, and Intelligent Edge platforms. Selected customers are already testing SICK cameras that incorporate Microsoft ToF depth technology.

Voith News

OnCall.Video: Voith adds new tool for remote video support to its digital service portfolio

Voith has added a new tool for remote video support to its service portfolio, offering customers access to expert support at any time and from any location. OnCall.Video enables fast problem-solving and cuts downtimes, resulting in improved machine availability and productivity. Withthis tool, Voithis playing an important role in making processes even more efficient and sustainable through the use of digital solutions.

Vaisala News

Vaisala introduces a groundbreaking method for detecting power transformer air leaks

The new method, based on measuring total pressure of all dissolved gases in the power transformer insulation oil, will help customers detect and repair any air leaks early. This can extend the lifetime of a transformer and lead to significant cost savings.

Doosan Machine Tools News

Launching of DBM 2030/3050 series

Doosan Machine Tools Co., Ltd. CEO Kim Jae-seop, will release more DMB Series line-ups, a double column of 2,000mm and 3,000 effective width, which consists of the multi-purpose double column machining center that is suitable for machining both large size workpieces and molds.

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