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ERGOTEC 3010 Bomb Disposal Search Suit

The ERGOTEC 3010 bomb disposal search suit offers a lightweight solution to enable extended duration bomb disposal missions in a high threat environment. The ERGOTEC 3010 has been designed to provide high performance levels of protection against blast, low speed impact, fragment penetration and flame immersion whilst carrying out search, detection and disposal of explosive ordnance devices.

The two-piece suit, consisting of a jacket and trousers is made of two essential components. An outer shell covers an inner fragment protection garment. The outer shell is made from a meta Aramid that provides the wearer with the first line of defence against the tearing effects of dynamic blast, flash and flame. Its fabric qualities have water repellent and inherent anti-static properties and may be washed and dried easily.

Additional capability can be added to the ERGOTEC 3010 including:
• Spine Protection and Forced Air Ventilation System
• Phase change cooling vest

Technical Specification
Weight (KG – medium sized 3010 suit) Jacket – 6.5KG
Legs – 5KG
Ballistic Protection V50 (m/s) tested to STANAG 2920 with 17 grain FSP Helmet 575m/s
Visor 600m/s
Suit chest 600m/s
Suit front 450m/s
Blast Protection 1kg PE4 at 1.5m
Colours Various
Sizes Available in three sizes – small, medium and large

Size schedule (cm)
Small Medium Large
Chest < 104 104 – 114 > 114
Waist < 92 92 - 102 > 102
Inside leg 73 78 83

ERGOTEC 3010: Additional capability

The following capability can be added to the ERGOTEC 3010 bomb disposal search suit to enhance comfort and protection for the user during bomb disposal missions:

Spine Protection and Forced Air Ventilation System

Phase Change Cooling Vest

Communication systems can be used with the ERGOTEC 3010 suit both wired and radio. Spare parts for the ETGOTEC 3010 are available from Morgan Advanced Materials.

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