SUNSYS PCS2: the solution for smart integration of PV energy in electrical grids

Matching intermittent energy sources (solar or wind power) with fluctuating demand is a major obstacle for smart grids. Socomec is facing up to this challenge by offering a system that converts and stores the renewable energy produced and compensates the intermittent nature of the energy source. But this solution offers more than that: SUNSYS PCS² optimizes self-consumption of smart grids, alleviates variances between the energy available and demand and meets islanding requirements.


First in-process temperature profiling system for PV anti-reflective coating

Cambridge, UK – Working with suppliers to the solar and photovoltaic (PV) industry, Datapaq has designed the first solution in the market for monitoring the temperature of PV cells throughout the anti-reflective coating process. The SolarPaq system passes through the process chambers along with the products, taking accurate readings even with the plasma activated. This enables operators to optimize the coating process and, hence, cell efficiency. Measuring merely 18 mm in height, with a 146 mm square footprint, the application-tailored logger and thermal protection fit into a standard cell carrier, allowing production to go on without disruption. The VB7400 thermal barrier features a unique reflective plate insulation technology that precludes outgassing in vacuum processes and withstands the harsh thermal and electrical environments within the plasma chamber.


Available now for download: New Eplan Platform 2.4

The new major release of the Eplan Platform is now available. PLC project planning in graphical overviews, sub-projects and new navigation options accelerate project planning, even in large projects. Extended support for IEC 81346 and IEC 61355 through structuring principles and reference designations offers a basis for innovative design methods.


Data exchange with synchronisation of catalogue parts

Teamcenter interface expanded An advanced interface between Eplan and Teamcenter has been launched. The interface includes bi-directional catalogue part synchronisation of the E-CAD and PLM part libraries. Synchronisations can be set either regularly or on demand. The new integration includes functions for creation and update of parts data and supports the latest Teamcenter releases.

Keyence America

Inspection of Mineral-Insulated Cables from Every Angle.

Thermocoax meticulously inspects the quality of all its mineral-insulated cables. Keyence’s VHX digital microscope is part of a powerful arsenal of instruments the company uses to check every characteristic of these high-tech cables.



When designing for interior access and positioning applications in aircraft, design engineers must choose mechanisms that meet styling and enhanced functionality demands, satisfy global industry standards, allow for total access flexibility, and provide a quality experience for the end user. The following focuses on key access and positioning applications in aircraft interiors and highlights examples of prime latching systems and positioning technology solutions, featuring products and systems offered by Southco as examples. Multipoint Systems

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