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Saur Group Strengthens Its Presence in Asia with the Strategic Acquisition of IWE Malaysia

This strategic acquisition, executed by Nijhuis Saur Industry (NSI), a subsidiary of Saur Group, marks a significant step in Saur's international expansion into the Asia-Pacific region.

Saur Group Strengthens Its Presence in Asia with the Strategic Acquisition of IWE Malaysia

IWE Malaysia, renowned for its technical expertise and serving key sectors such as Food & Beverage, Paper & Pulp, and Energy, aligns perfectly with Saur Group's ambition. This synergy will enable Saur to broaden its service portfolio and reinforce its presence in Asia. As part of this integration, IWE will become the regional operations hub for NSI Asia Pacific, based in Malaysia.

Saur Group is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for the employees and clients of IWE Malaysia, while upholding the operational excellence that has earned the company its strong reputation. The transaction is expected to be closed in Q4 2024, subject to regulatory approvals.

Patrick Blethon, Executive Chairman of Saur: "This acquisition significantly advances our Group’s mission to be a leader in water transition. IWE Malaysia has established itself as a pioneer in innovative water treatment solutions, which perfectly complements our existing capabilities and will enhance our service offerings to customers across the Asia-Pacific region."

Menno M. Holterman, CEO and President of Nijhuis Saur Industries: “IWE Malaysia’s technical expertise, references and innovative solutions complete our diverse portfolio of advanced water treatment technologies and services. We are excited to integrate IWE into our operations, which will strengthen our ability to meet the growing demands for industrial wastewater solutions in the Asia Pacific region. Together, we will provide unparalleled value to our customers through our combined knowledge and resources.”


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