Media-separated solenoid valve VYKA from Festo is virtually leak-free

Dosing, aspirating and controlling extremely small quantities of aggressive liquids and gases is not a problem with the media-separated solenoid valve VYKA from Festo.

Media-separated solenoid valve VYKA from Festo is virtually leak-free

The media-separated solenoid valve VYKA from Festo allows the precise dispensing of fluids and the control of liquid flows in manifold duct plates for so-called continuous flow applications. The excellent performance of this valve makes it suitable not only for laboratory applications, but also for the perfume and aroma industry as well as for packaging contact lenses.

For liquid and gas applications
The compact powerhouse VYKA doesn't only handle aggressive liquids, it is also perfect for gas applications thanks to its low leakage values. This is demonstrated by the helium test to which all valves are subjected after production. Customers with demanding requirements for the leak-tightness of valves, such as manufacturers of gas analysis equipment, can rely on VYKA.

Thanks to a separating diaphragm made of high-performance polymers EPDM, FKM and FFKM, the solenoid valve VYKA is also suitable for aggressive media. Since the designers have optimised the fluid space and the internal volume is low, the valve is easy to flush and clean. The combination with FDA-listed materials makes the VYKA ideal for highly sensitive applications. The current control ensures high reproducibility of the switching behaviour and leads to precise dosing and aspiration results. What's more, the holding current reduction of the plug-in electronics prevents sensitive media from heating up.


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