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Dürr launches new, standardized paint supply station for industrial applications

Dürr’s new EcoSupply2 Core is a modular paint supply station that integrates all the necessary components into a compact design. The space-saving, easy-to-use system is ideal for all industrial applications where painting happens in a confined space.

Dürr launches new, standardized paint supply station for industrial applications

The EcoSupply2 Core is ideal wherever machines need a paint supply, be it for the woodworking or construction industries, in injection molding shops, or at automotive suppliers. The system combines multiple products: an agitator, pumps or pressure tanks that transport the paint, filters for material purification, and pressure controllers. In addition, sensors can be installed to display the fill level in the paint drum or lifters for easy drum replacement. “With the EcoSupply2 Core, we developed the first paint supply station as a standard solution that is also highly flexible. With its wide range of individual components, it offers customers 15 individual configuration options,” explains Tom Reiner, a product engineer at Dürr.

Minimal effort during commissioning
The EcoSupply2 Core greatly reduces the workload for integrators, since the system only requires bolting to the ground and commissioning before use. As a result, almost all the assembly and engineering work is eliminated. Until now, the integrator had to document both stages. This requirement is no longer necessary, since Dürr provides a declaration of conformity guaranteeing that the customer’s EcoSupply2 Core has undergone a technical inspection.

Different designs for different needs
The EcoSupply2 Core comes in a number of different versions. As the center component of the station, you can choose between a diaphragm pump for the low-pressure range or a piston pump for pressures up to 300 bar, depending on your specific application technology and the paint type being used. Additionally, different flow and return regulators tailored to various flow rates and pressure ranges compatible with these pumps are available.

With the paint supply station, Dürr provides pressure tanks that can accommodate volumes of up to 60 liters. When using buckets or drums (30, 60, or 200 liters), the original container directly supplies the paint.

Freely selectable components
While pumps, controllers, and tanks are available in various designs, there’s the option to add other components as extras. For example, an agitator, filter, or lifter can be added which raises the pump for changing the paint container. Industrial companies can also utilize the EcoSupply2 Core exclusively as an agitator. When used in this way, a separate station agitates the paint accelerating the paint changing process and minimizing production interruptions.


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