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The Dunkermotoren MCP Portfolio is growing further with the BG 45 dPro

In 2018, Dunkermotoren, a brand of AMETEK, introduced its own platform for controlling its smart BG motors. Since then, the so-called Motor Control Platform (MCP) has proven itself and has been rolled out across the various motor sizes step by step.

The Dunkermotoren MCP Portfolio is growing further with the BG 45 dPro

After updating the BG 95, BG 65/66, and BG 75 motors as well as the BGE 5510 external controller, the BG 45 was finally upgraded with the new control technology as well. This means that the BG 45 has now become the smallest BLDC motor also available in a dPro version – compatible with the Dunkermotoren programming platform MCP.

The BG 45 dPro features a compact motor housing of just 46 mm and is thus the smallest member of the dPro family. As with all BG dPro motors, its strength is the integration of the complete motor electronics into the motor housing, and despite its size, the BG 45 dPro can easily keep up with its big brothers:

With a continuous output power of up to 110 W and rated speeds of up to 4,720 rpm, the motor is more powerful than its predecessors at the same rated voltage. In combination with a gearbox, encoder, and/or brake from Dunkermotoren’s modular system, you can easily configure the perfect drive for any application - whether in the intralogistics, medical technology, packaging, semiconductor, or electronics industry. Thanks to its IP protection up to IP 65, the BG 45 dPro is suitable for use in harsh environments.

In terms of functions & features, the BG 45 dPro offers programmable digital inputs and outputs, an analog input, and a 4096 cpr high-resolution encoder. Various current, speed, and position modes can also be programmed very easily thanks to the MCP. Connection interfaces are available with CANopen or Industrial Ethernet including PROFINET, EtherCAT, or EtherNet/IP. A 15-pin hybrid connector and the "Drive Assistant 5" configuration tool allow smooth commissioning.

In addition, functions such as condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, or alarming & messaging can be implemented via the new nexofox MotionCode. With the BG 45 dPro, the step towards IIoT and your own Smart Factory is very easy.

The safety function STO (Safe Torque Off) is integrated standard in all BG 45 dPro motors with Industrial Ethernet. For CANopen versions, the function is available as an option also. With STO, your motor can be reliably set torque-free without interrupting the logic voltage, saving time consuming re-referencing during restart.

With the BG 45 dPro, Dunkermotoren has used its 20 years of experience in the field to take another step towards expanding its offering with the smallest BLDC motor package with integrated electronics ever.


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