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Dunkermotoren offers a new wheel drive for industrial AGVs and AMRs

NG 1000 WO hub-drive gearboxes for driving industrial trucks with a particularly small ground clearance and a maximum total weight of up to 4 tons.

Dunkermotoren offers a new wheel drive for industrial AGVs and AMRs

With the NG 1000 WO hub gearbox, Dunkermotoren, a brand of AMETEK, presents a gearbox specifically for driver-less transportation systems such as AGVs and AMRs. The abbreviation WO means "with offset" and describes the characteristic axle offset of the gearbox to the attached motor. The design of the gearbox is perfectly matched to the BG 95 brushless BLDC motor. The combination of motor and gearbox requires an overall height of just 95 mm, thus enabling a particularly short ride height and a minimum width of only 600 mm.

Thanks to the axle offset, the drives can be arranged side by side when integrated into the vehicle. This increasing the maximum load and acceleration capability of the vehicle while ensuring a narrow chassis. In times when storage space is more expensive than ever, the NG 1000 WO in combination with the BG 95 motor thus contributes to the implementation of space- and cost-efficient logistics solutions and impresses with its power output.

The gearbox can carry up to 1000 kg per wheel and reliably transmits acceleration torques of up to 160 Nm. The power of the BG 95x80 can thus be fully utilized and the gearbox is no longer the limiting component. As an example, a four-ton vehicle with two driven wheels of 200 mm diameter each (differential control) can be accelerated to the speed of 2 m/s in just three seconds. When loaded below the maximum load capacity, even better acceleration and maneuverability can be realized.

Flexible like all Dunkermotoren drive solutions, the NG 1000 WO can be adapted to your specific requirements in terms of speed control, wheel diameter, and many other parameters to achieve the best result for your application.


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