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Delta Nurtures Higher Productivity and Energy Efficiency with its Smart Solutions for Automation and Energy Management Showcased at Hannover Messe 2015

Hannover, Germany, April 14th, 2015 – Delta Electronics, Inc., a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, showcases at Hannover Messe 2015, its smart and highly integrated solutions for industrial automation and energy management applications. Since 2012, Delta has delivered close to 200 solutions projects that can achieve 20% to 40% in energy savings to customers around the world. Visitors will witness live demos of Delta’s SCARA robot arm solution which is capable of improving daily productivity by up to 3 times through high-speed and high-precision compliance control for production lines in the electronics, packaging, materials industries and more. Delta’s battery energy storage system, Flex E3, will debut with its smart-grid capabilities for optimal-cost energy storage and consumption.

Delta Nurtures Higher Productivity and Energy Efficiency with its Smart Solutions for Automation and Energy Management Showcased at Hannover Messe 2015
“Delta continues pursuing the development of innovative technologies that can help mankind mitigate global warming.  From 2010 to 2014, Delta’s energy-efficient solutions enabled energy savings of 14.8 billion kWh and a reduction in carbon emissions of 7.9 million tons for our customers worldwide.  In North America, Delta integrated more than 10,300 solar tracking automation systems with 1.5 times higher accuracy than the industry average in a 110-MW thermal CSP power plant.  In India, a country-wide network of ATMs utilizes Delta’s smart monitoring and power management solutions which provide a safe environment for users and significant opex and energy savings for our customers”, said Yancey Hai, chairman of Delta.

Delta’s president and general manager for the EMEA region, Jackie Chang, highlighted: “Our exhibition portfolio in Hannover Messe 2015 is a living proof of Delta’s expertise in integrating a broad spectrum of solutions that truly enhance the competitiveness of our customers. In Germany, our telecom power solutions have enabled energy savings of more than 10 million kWh for a tier-1 telecom carrier in a single project while our industrial automation solutions help improve productivity in the food & beverage industry; in Italy, Delta provided Telecom Italia with a total solution of more than 10,000 smart LED lights that reduces 75% of the annual lighting-related electricity bills in its headquarters. In the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 competition held in Versailles, France, Delta’s battery energy storage and building automation solutions helped not only power the eco-friendly home project built by the Unicode team but also win an award for energy efficiency ”.
Highlights of Delta’s showcase in the 2015 edition of Hannover Messe include:
  •   Industrial Automation Solutions for industrial facilities and processes that aim to achieve high levels of integration, productivity and energy efficiency through the “smart manufacturing” concept.  These include: The newly-launched PAC Motion Control Solution which is ideal for complex industrial processes where PLC-based technology shows limited reach such as flame cutting, glass cutting, laser engraving; the Hybrid Energy-saving System (HES) for Injection Molding Machinery; production automation solutions for beverage lines and food packaging which integrate Delta’s machine vision system DMV Series (for rapid detection or package defects confirmation) and Delta’s mid-range PLC AH-500 Series that offers high-extension system architecture to production lines (maximum 100m by cable or 2Km by optical fiber); energy regeneration systems for cranes and elevators. 
Visitors will experience live demos of Delta’s new SCARA DRS40L Series solution, a robot arm system that improves daily productivity by up to 3 times in certain industrial processes such as insertion, screw locking, assembly, coating, soldering, transporting and packaging for consumer electronics, rubber, plastic packaging applications (available in Taiwan/China in 2015).
  •    Delta’s battery energy storage system Flex E3 which offers energy efficiency of 93% and a smart-grid controller platform for optimal-cost energy storage and consumption and storage capacity from 2.9 kWh to 3.7 kWh or with three systems in parallel offering up to 11.0 kWh. This is an essential pillar of smart-grid-capable platforms for medium and small power installations in homes and small businesses as it is equipped with an intelligent controller that enables smart and constant interaction between renewable energy systems (solar PV, wind turbines and biogas power generators), the electricity grid and its embedded battery infrastructure in order to store energy at the lowest costs possible and even allow to sell electricity back to the grid in certain scenarios. Delta will show the Flex E3 at Hannover Messe 2015 integrated with the PV inverters, the AC Mini electric vehicle charging station and energy-efficient LED street lighting, all developed by Delta.
  •   Delta’s Intelligent Process and Management System iPEMS is a revolutionary, highly adaptable and customizable total solution that integrates IoT technology with Delta’s DVCS advanced vision control system and enables monitoring of more than 10 million supervision points in real-time, ultra high-resolution visualization with intuitive SCADA graphics and with big data mining and analysis capabilities. With its “digital factory” functionalities, the IPEMS has become a valuable support for effective decision-making processes within the industrial operations of a major oil & gas firm, thus, helping realize enhanced operational and energy efficiency.
  •   Telecom Network Energy Solutions include the EnergE-Site systems which offer diversified hybrid energy sources (traditional, battery storage and renewable) and a selected combination of state-of-the-art technologies developed by Delta such as rectifiers with industry-leading energy efficiency of up to 97.2%, advanced PLC controllers, DC-converters, power distribution units and power cabinets OutD Series.  The Delta Orion PLC Controller allows comprehensive remote monitoring and control of the system, including detailed component operations, active alarm systems and energy logs, thus, increasing the productivity of site maintenance processes.
  •   InfraSuite Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions is an optimal option for IT managers that strive to implement green data centers. InfraSuite offers a highly integrated, adaptable, and modular architecture capable of realizing up to 25% energy savings as well as significant benefits in productivity related to installation and maintenance operations.  These benefits, added to the intelligent real-time monitoring and remote control of data center facilities, achievable through the InfraSuite Manager EMS3000 software system, underscore Delta’s profile as a leading provider of smart, highly integrated and eco-friendly solutions.
Delta will host an press conference for international media today, April 14th, at the Conference Center’s Bonn Room. Top management will provide further insights regarding the substantial benefits of these innovative solutions for businesses across EMEA and India.

Welcome to visit Delta’s stand at Hall 11, stand A49 between April 13th and 17th, 2015, Hannover Messe, Germany

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