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EdmoLift 4.0 – the most significant investment in the company’s history

EdmoLift future-proofs the production with the greatest investment program ever. A 70 million SEK investment that ensures competitiveness for the next 10–15 years through a new production facility with more automated machinery and an investment in Härnösand, Sweden, location of the headquarter.

EdmoLift 4.0 – the most significant investment in the company’s history

Almost half of the time has passed for the expansion, where the premises of 1435 m² are to be in place at the beginning of next year. During the first half of 2023, a new machine park will also move into the building in the form of an automatic storage solution that will support a fiber laser and a bending cell. A smaller bending machine will also be added, contributing to a more efficient production line.

"The need for EdmoLift's products is growing, and for us to be able to continue delivering smart lifting solutions and at the same time maintain our position as the market leader in our industry, we need to increase our capacity and flexibility to be able to meet future needs", says Anders Wahlqvist, CEO at EdmoLift.

EdmoLift 4.0 – the most significant investment in the company’s history
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The new machine park is unique
In recent times, both software and the programming of robots have taken great strides. When the project began, the technology for efficiently handling short order series was non-existent. At the same time, the systems were not adapted to handle the largest and heaviest parts. EdmoLift has therefore worked closely with the supplier Bystronic to come up with a solution adapted to the production that covers a large variety of products.

It feels very exciting to have such a highly automated and modern facility that is really at the forefront that can efficiently handle everything from small standard parts in long series to large, customised parts in short series, says Peter Englund, production manager at EdmoLift.

EdmoLift 4.0 – the most significant investment in the company’s history
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Investing in development
EdmoLift is one of Härnösand's largest private employers, with just under 100 employees. The company delivers 6,500 units annually, and 80% are manufactured on-site in Härnösand. With the new production facility, the time done by one employee on one unit will be reduced, and thus production capacity will increase. In addition to the increased capacity, manual lifting is reduced, resulting in even better employee ergonomics. In addition, more jobs are generated in the long term, which is good for the entire region.

The plans for a new production facility have been in motion for a long time, and in the spring of 2022, work began on an EdmoLift 4.0, dividing the timeline into four stages. Groundwork started immediately, where more than 7,000 m3 were excavated before frame construction could be undertaken. Before the turn of the year, the two remaining stages will also be completed: the casting of the foundation, electricity and plumbing before the premises is finished.

"The new facility aligns with EdmoLift's long-term plan to grow. A goal of SEK 300 million in turnover by 2025, and we look forward to seeing the final result - a facility adapted to EdmoLift's continued expansion",
Anders concludes.


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