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Plug & play compressor motor for Tata Steel

Menzel Elektromotoren has customized a motor for a compressor drive operated by Tata Steel, shipping it within just two weeks.

Plug & play compressor motor for Tata Steel
Menzel's modular motor series enable short-term order-specific configuration in the high power range

A motor failure had stalled the booster air compressor, which is integral to one of the corporation's Indian steelworks, providing oxygen necessary for steel production. Thanks to its modular warehousing strategy, Menzel was able to speedily configure a squirrel-cage motor in accordance with customer specifications. The MEBKSL-type motor was electrically and mechanically adapted to enable installation and commissioning by the customer without further modifications of the motor or the site.

The motor with an operating voltage of 6600 V and a rated power of 3200 kW was fitted with an air-to-air heat exchanger (cooling type IC 611). Menzel staff at the Berlin plant shortened the motor shaft, milled the shaft end, and produced intermediate plates to adjust the fixing dimensions to the existing installation site. The 2-pole motor was designed with sleeve bearings with 2-wedge bearing shells to avoid any critical speed in the vicinity of the operating point of 2987 rpm. The motor is also designed for demanding conditions with ambient temperatures up to 50 °C and humidity up to 95%.

It features a tropicalized motor winding in temperature class "F" and the increased protection class IP55. Menzel manufactures motors for large industrial compressors in various types and offers several feature options. The company’s large stock includes several series of squirrel-cage and slip ring motors with air or water cooling or open-circuit ventilation, optionally with self-ventilation or forced ventilation, and prepared for inverter operation.


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