Rolling Stock Highlights at TRAKO 2019

Poland’s accession to the EU in 2004 triggered massive economic investment, including in the country’s railway infrastructure and rolling stock.

Rolling Stock Highlights at TRAKO 2019
Bombardier TRAXX DC3 Locomotive for Akiem.Bombardier, a co-organiser of TRAKO, will present its new TRAXX DC3 locomotive for the Polish market.
In November 2018 leasing company Akiem (a division of SNCF Logistics) ordered 20 TRAXX DC3 locomotives from Bombardier.

Manufacturing Site
They are being built at Bombardier Transportation’s Polish manufacturing site in Wroclaw. Incidentally, this is where BT manufactures all its locomotive car bodies for the European and North American markets.
Bombardier will deliver the four-axle DC locomotives, which also feature last-mile capability, between 2019 and 2021.

The TRAXX DC3 locomotives are suitable for both freight and passenger operations. The DC version came after the AC locomotive and can run on 1.5kV and 3.0kV DC. For the Polish market, the TRAXX DC3 will be configured for 3kV using pantographs for current collection from overhead lines.
Did You Know?

TRAXX is actually an acronym and stands for ‘Transnational Railway Applications with eXtreme fleXibility’.


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