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Delta to Demonstrate Smart Manufacturing Solutions at SPS IPC Drives Italia 2019

Delta, a global provider of smart and energy-efficient industrial automation solutions, today announced it will be demonstrating several smart manufacturing solutions at SPS IPC Drives Italia 2019. The highlight of Delta’s exhibition at the show will be a demonstration of the new CODESYS-based Motion Control Solution, which integrates the control layers of PLCs, HMIs, and motion controllers into one single platform to provide seamless control of a Delta SCARA robot on site. Also on display will be Delta’s DIAEnergie solution, which offers factories and production lines the possibility to enhance their real-time energy consumption monitoring and management capability to the smart manufacturing standard.

Delta to Demonstrate Smart Manufacturing Solutions at SPS IPC Drives Italia 2019
Luca Cavagnari, head of sales at Delta’s Industrial Automation Business Group in Italy, said, “Smart manufacturing is a key part of our long-term strategy at Delta. One of the things our customers value about our automation solutions is our ability to integrate hardware and software and enable energy-efficient manufacturing. With the new CODESYS solution, we’ve developed a comprehensive platform that is helping our customers take full advantage of smart manufacturing. And of course, we use our smart manufacturing solutions at our own production facilities, too. Our PLC, Motion Controller platforms and ROBOT will be equipped with CODESYS platform for system integration, ideal for saving engineering time on programming.”
CODESYS-based Motion Control Solution set to be one of show’s highlights

The new CODESYS-based Motion Control Solution from Delta complies with IEC62231-3 standards to enable user-friendly integration of PLCs, HMIs, and motion controllers on a single platform. The solution also supports the EtherCAT protocol, which lets manufacturers control field devices as well. Delta’s DXMC series PLC-based Extended Motion Controllers will also be on display in Parma. These new motion controllers enable synchronous multi-axis motion control with an optional CODESYS SoftPLC, either in a standard housing or as a 7- or 10-inch panel. They complement Delta’s existing PC-based AX864E motion controllers, which can handle up to 64 axes. The new DXMC series PC-based motion controllers can control as many as 32 axes for the standard version and 8 axes in the panel configuration. Visitors to the Delta booth will also have the opportunity to watch Delta’s industrial robots operate under the user-friendly and productive CODESYS environment.
In addition to innovative motion control solutions, Delta will also be presenting its smart green manufacturing solutions, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human machine interfaces (HMIs), and AC motor drives. With these technologies, Delta has a portfolio that gives manufacturers fast and efficient control of their automation with high usability and reliable power.

Smart Green Manufacturing Solutions
Delta’s DIAEnergie industrial energy management system enables the visualization and improvement of electric and power systems in production lines and factories, especially energy-intensive equipment, via critical functions, such as, real-time data acquisition, systematic analysis, troubleshooting and energy saving diagnosis. DIAEnergie is the cornerstone of energy management strategies designed to enhance an enterprise’s energy efficiency and operating expenses. The system is complemented by Delta’s DPM line of multifunction power meters.

Programmable Logic Controllers
In the field of PLCs, Delta’s AS200 with its new 32-bit SoC CPU, which was developed in-house, will be another highlight of the Delta booth. As a mid-range PLC, this multi-purpose controller offers high execution speeds (40 k steps/ms), up to 32 extension modules, and as many as 1,024 inputs/outputs.

Human Machine Interfaces
Delta’s Widescreen Ethernet HMI DOP-100 Series HMIs offer bright panels and communicate via Ethernet to integrate with smart machines, production lines, factories, and clouds. The DOP-100 Series uses Cortex-A8 high-speed processors, offering HD display resolution and support for remote monitoring via a number of different channels including FTP, email, and VNC.

Delta Motor Drives
Delta’s MS300 series compact vector control drives support IM and PM motor control and come equipped with an STO safety mechanism. Delta has designed its MH300 high performance drives for compact variable frequency drive (VFD) applications that require up to 30 HP. The MH300 drives can operate at up to 2000 Hz output frequency for induction motors and permanent magnet motors. These compact drives are used in applications such as machining, textiles, woodworking, packaging, and more.
All of Delta’s solutions can be seen at booth A022, Hall 5. SPS IPC Drives Italia is Italy’s leading tradeshow for smart, digital and flexible manufacturing and will be held from May 28 to 30 at Fiere di Parma, Parma, Italy. Welcome!

About Delta Industrial Automation BG
Since the debut of our AC motor drive in 1995, Delta continues to develop our industrial automation business, providing superior quality, reliability and precision. Our range of complete smart manufacturing solutions covers equipment automation, automated production line design and integration, equipment IoT and data collection, as well as manufacturing management and monitoring to maximize productivity and stabilize production. Delta applies AI and big data analysis to optimize production processes and implement digitalization for equipment, production lines and energy usage. With automation products, software, and system solutions integrated into an all-in-one digitalized smart manufacturing model of factory, processes, and equipment, Delta provides numerous production models, including customized, small volume and wide variety, and mass production for customers on a global scale.

With robust R&D capability and abundant industry experience, Delta offers industrial automation products and solutions that find application in a broad range of industries, including electronics, components, photoelectric panels and food & beverages. We are dedicated to providing innovative and reliable smart, green manufacturing solutions for global customers, keeping our promise of “Automation for a Changing World”.

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