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Springing Forward

Midwestern spring manufacturer increases sales after installing an Instant Measurement System from Keyence.

Keyence America

NN Inc.’s Autocam Group Eliminates Hard Gauging Damage with Non-Contact Measurement

Autocam, a wholly owned group of NN Inc., manufactures precision components for many high tech end markets. One of their specialties is complex metal components for emerging fuel system technologies. Because of the critical role that these parts play in transportation safety, inspection and measurement systems are used throughout the production floor, performing in-process quality inspection.

Morgan Advanced Materials


As an increasingly precious resource, appropriate treatment of industrial or municipal waste water is vital to achieve maximum recyclability while minimising the use of valuable, expensively processed drinking water. In light of growing global resource shortages and the cost of processing ‘new’ fresh water, effective treatment of used water or water for non-potable use is vital to reducing overall process costs and helping companies meet their environmental targets, whether these are self-imposed or governed by legislation.


The role of rapid actuation in process optimisation

Global demand for energy from all sources continues to increase as usage and population grows, placing ever greater physical and performance demands on the components used in the gathering and processing of energy.



Two major projects undertaken by IMI Critical Engineering are helping to optimise performance and output at one of South America’s largest power plants. The Mejillones facility, located on the Chilean coast in the country’s Antofagasta region, has produced power from a combination of coal, diesel oil and natural gas since its establishment in 1995, with an annual output of around 3 million megawatts. One of its key roles is in the provision of power to many of the mining facilities in the region, making unscheduled interruptions highly undesirable.

Morgan Advanced Materials


Morgan Advanced Materials has made two new additions to its extensive range of crucible coatings for the foundry sector.

Morgan Advanced Materials

Versatile Superwool® Sealcoat™ HT Mastics Highlighted by Morgan Advanced Materials’ Thermal Ceramics Business

The Thermal Ceramics business of Morgan Advanced Materials has developed a versatile fibre, Superwool® Sealcoat™ HT, which is suitable for use in nearly a dozen furnace lining applications. From primary liner to emergency repairs, and backup insulation to patching, the mastics are a perfect complement to Morgan’s range of fiber and dense refractory materials.

Fluke Process Instruments

Fluke® Process Instruments Introduces SpotScan™ Line Scanning Accessory for Spot Pyrometers

Fluke® Process Instruments has introduced the SpotScan™ line scanning accessory for its family of best-in-class spot pyrometers. Compatible with the Endurance™, Marathon, and Modline® 5 and Modline 7 Series of infrared (IR) noncontact temperature measurement sensors, the accessory features an innovative scanning mechanism that enables users to gather temperature data over a larger area on the target.


100% clean cut – fineblanking sets its own standards

Cost-efficiency and precision in the series production of complex components – fineblanking scores with a whole range of user benefits. The process opens up new technical approaches to manufacturing large numbers of ready-to-install multi-functional parts and offers new ways of maximizing cost efficiency. Its versatility with regard to parts geometry and complexity and scope for reducing the number of downstream operations makes the technology extremely interesting from several aspects.

Fluke Process Instruments

Fluke® Process Instruments Introduces Endurance™ Series High-temperature Ratio Pyrometers

Fluke® Process Instruments has introduced the Endurance™ Series of high-temperature ratio pyrometers. These rugged and flexible instruments enable continuous visual process monitoring and are designed to meet the demands of harsh industrial environments, including primary and secondary metals manufacturing, carbon processing and silicon production.

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