NSK Molded-Oil bearings offer long life at food plants

In the food industry, comprehensive cleaning regimes are commonplace as companies look to meet stringent sector requirements on hygiene. However, such practices can prove detrimental to production line components, not least the bearings that provide motion in critical machinery, equipment and systems. Here, spraying with hot steam, high-pressure water jets or very strong cleaning agents can cause two principal problems: foreign objects entering the bearings; and lubricant being washed out of the bearings. For these reasons, NSK offers a comprehensive range of Molded-Oil bearings that is purpose-designed to deliver extended operating life in harsh food industry environments.


Leroy-Somer renews its geared motor ranges, offering more modularity, mores services and improved lead times

With torque capabilities from 10 to 23000 Nm and a simplified range of products based on various motor technologies, Leroy-Somer can propose a wide choice of reliable and effective electromechanical drive solutions for extra performance and efficiency, meeting to market expectations and compatible with the most demanding applications.


A measured approach to positioning from norelem

For industrial applications which require a high degree of positioning precision, norelem has bolstered its offering of positioning solutions with the addition of several new measuring and display devices.


Reinventing the conductive wheel and castor

To reduce the likelihood of unexpected electrostatic discharges when transporting goods, norelem UK has added electrically conductive equivalents of its existing range of wheels and castors to its extensive product range.


Hanging straps by faigle: Safety, comfort and design worldwide

Many similarities, striking differences: hanging straps provide safety in buses and underground trains, and are a colourful eye-catcher in the vehicle interior. Whether classic straps or elegant brackets are used varies depending on the country or region. Whatever the case, faigle has many years of experience in the design of hanging straps. This is advantageous when providing optimum service for international customers

Eichenberger Gewinde

Eichenberger Gewinde : Individual, tailored solutions

Technical progress is not just about being able to do more, it is also about using new technologies and methods to do many things better.

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