Morgan Advanced Materials


Morgan Advanced Materials (Morgan) has highlighted the unique performance characteristics of its acclaimed Superwool® Pyro-Bloc® modules for furnace and boiler lining systems, produced by its Thermal Ceramics business.

3M Gas & Flame Detection Oldham

Wireless gas detection solutions

OLDHAM launches the MX 40 controller

Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan launches new range of earthing units for rail industry

Morgan Advanced Materials, a world leader in innovative solutions for the transport sector, has launched a new range of axle earthing units for rail applications which is set to improve performance and reduce maintenance costs for its customers.


„Original Bourdon“: Baumer ventures into local content partnership in Saudi Arabia

Baumer keeps on pushing internationalization of their brand „Original Bourdon“ in the process instrumentation industry. To meet the requiremens of an in-country value program in the Gulf region, Baumer concluded their first local content agreement in Saudi Arabia. The company Saad M. Alyan Trading Est., a long-year Baumer distribution partner, now assumes in-country production of mechanical manometers of the Original Bourdon brand.


Steute‘s wireless safety foot switches have been chosen by Thalmann Maschinenbau AG metal foundry

To avoid failures during routine work due to hot metal splashes that damage the power or signal cables, a wireless safety foot switch using Steute “sWave 2.4 GHZ-safe” technology has been chosen. It greatly increases reliability while being easy to install and flexible.

Keyence America

Fastener Depot Uses Keyence System to Deliver High Precision to High-Tech OEMs

Aerospace manufacturers demand the highest precision – even down to the smallest bolt. Fastener Depot Inc. in Diamond Springs, California, is a privately held distributor of inserts, fasteners, and electronic hardware that specializes in unusual and hard-to-find items for high-tech OEMs in the aerospace and defense sectors. The company fills the needs of this niche market by placing the utmost priority on its inspection and quality processes.

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